A Violin for a Punk Robot


Last week I got myself a Mega Bloks set of boxing robots, which had a rad green robot named Nitro inside with a giant transparent mohawk. A perfect toy design, if you ask me, but then I thought that, as a punk, he lacks a worn leather jacket. So I tried to make him one out of my wife’s old handbag:

After that, the only logical step would be to give him some instrument to play, especially as his boxing movement could also be interpreted as strumming. A guitar was my first obvious choice, but then it somehow became a cross between a violin and a lute:


Now, to do something with the second guy…


Encore, Nitro, Encore!

At long last, your creative dreams have been realized.


Nitro’s first gig: Robots of Bloks


Obligatory stop-motion:

The voice is my nephew saying, roughly, “Make yourself an avatar picture, or they will treat you as a schoolkid!”

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