Check out this Berlin punk band made up entirely of scrap metal robots

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So Rock-afire Explosion meets Survival Research Labs?


So now they’ve come for the jobs of the punk bands!


So, no love for Compressorhead, then?


Still better than Nickelback.


Rubin, in some way that no one quite understands, is a master, a teacher, what the Japanese call a sensei. What he’s the master of, really, is garbage, kipple, refuse, the sea of cast-off goods our century floats on. Gomi no sensei. Master of junk.

I found him, this time, squatting between two vicious-looking drum machines I hadn’t seen before, rusty spider arms folded at the hearts of dented constellations of steel cans fished out of Richmond dumpsters. He never calls the place a studio, never refers to himself as an artist. “Messing around,” he calls what he does there, and seems to view it as some extension of boyhood’s perfectly bored backyard afternoons. He wanders through his jammed, littered space, a kind of mini-hangar cobbled to the water side of the Market, followed by the smarter and more agile of his creations, like some vaguely benign Satan bent on the elaboration of still stranger processes in his ongoing Inferno of gomi. I’ve seen Rubin program his constructions to identify and verbally abuse pedestrians wearing garments by a given season’s hot designer; others attend to more obscure missions, and a few seem constructed solely to deconstruct themselves with as much attendant noise as possible. He’s like a child, Rubin; he’s also worth a lot of money in galleries in Tokyo and Paris.

  • Winter Market, William Gibson
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When I was a kid that’s what I thought a drum machine was: literally a machine you put behind a set of drums and then it would play them.

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I’m sorry, but this has been done before and way better.
(wont let me post a link for some reason…)

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I’m impressed with that single handed high-hat technique.

For sure. Let’s see if this one works:

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