Guitarist and his unbalanced washing machine churn out hits

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The bots took those jobs a long time ago.


Drummers: the robots are coming for your jobs first.

God, I hope so. I’ve never had a Drum Machine turn up two hours late for a gig, drunk as sailor on shore leave and so high he needed to radio the fucking tower for clearance to get in the door.


Can’t find it via Google, but IIRC, Fred Frith recorded a track where the rhythm was based around a noisy heating pipe.

When a drummer breaks down, you can’t power cycle him.

True, but I have had occasion to use a bit of percussive maintenance, seems to work pretty okay.

I like playing polyrhythms on top of the noise my washer makes. Oh look drummer jokes. Cute. (You get into percussionist jokes, and I’ll cut you.)

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I’m not a musician, I have a side gig as a sound tech. The shit we put up with, we earn our right to make drummer jokes. And Guitarist jokes. And bassist jokes. And…how many other instruments can you name? All those. And Singer jokes. And DJ jokes.

I prefer drummers pretending to be machines:

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