Anything can be an instrument: Broken air con unit plays a jazz drum solo

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As horrible as the influence may be, whenever I see WWII bombing run footage I can’t help but hear Big Band drum patterns. A lot of those musicians served.

Reminds me of Ramble On somehow

Nice, thank you for sharing.

Just in case, here’s the Soundslice link:

Just needs the car horn added now

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Can someone just go ahead and mix in the Miles Davis door and Coltrane bucket? Thanks.


That’s better than most of the street corner bucket ‘drummers’ I’ve heard.

Time to get the band back together.

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Are they sure there’s not a tiny person inside it, playing on miniature drums, like the tiny people that are inside the TV?


Well played, indeed!

I lived next door to one of these for far too long. I asked the apartment manager to fix the air conditioner or turn it off, because the renter of the apartment was a business that virtually never used it.
Turns out, their actual business model was to chase out regular renters and have many more of the off-site renters. Yay America!

When you have musicians transcribing this stuff, you know it’s time to get this pandemic over with and get them back on the stage!

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