A visit to Japan's most remote ramen restaurant


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Dammit, now I’m craving ramen.

And not just any ramen, mind you…



I think the American BBQ version of this would be:

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Reminds me that we are out of dashi and miso. Need to try some real kombu, doubt they will sell grilled kombu half a world away. But I got a grill, I can get a lot of kombu and I’m hungry, very hungry.


Also…would Anthony have approved of this place???


Sounds amazing, i would be psyched to make the trip to a place like this.


One of the dumbest anime of last year was Ramen Daisuki Koizumi-san, which is almost nothing but a weekly commercial for a different ramen shop.

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Franklin is over-priced and over-hyped. I haven’t been but the consensus (from i’ve heard) is that its good BBQ but for the price he’s charging he’s not really doing something that other talented pit masters aren’t already doing as well for a fraction of the price. If anything i’m really keen on trying out Snow’s BBQ some day

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ok. back up. Please don’t say “it’s over priced and over hyped” when you haven’t even eaten there. That’s like reading rotten tomatoes reviews and saying “This movie is great/awful” without watching it yourself.

I do get your point though between Aaron Franklin being the only pitmaster/BBQ place to get a James Beard, Prez Obama visiting there, and his PBS show and cookbook…he’s been hyped up an awful lot. I find all good BBQ tends to be pricey these days, and I think that’s fine as IMO you are paying for the time it takes to make good BBQ…kind of like “over paying” for good ramen which takes a long time to make right.

Snow’s is one of the places Aaron Franklin actually raves about…along with Mueller’s (no relation to the report guy).

Actually that was one of the best parts of the Franklin BBQ show on PBS (now streaming on Amazon Prime)…he didn’t just hype his place or talk about how to make good BBQ…a few episodes were about other places and techniques of Texas BBQ places he loved. I think it really showcased where to go down there.

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I certainly don’t begrudge a person for making their money. Franklin has done well and him being around has contributed to the reputation of the area. I do work with quite a few people that BBQ and its a passion for them and i trust when they say that Franklin is good… but not that good when you look at the cost.

I certainly wouldn’t mind trying it myself but things just haven’t lined up for me time-wise and money-wise.

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I miss him. I didn’t always agree with him but I did enjoy his presence (on my tv).


It’s a bucket list item for my oldest son. He actually asked for his 16th birthday this summer “Dad, can you and I do a weekend trip to Austin and go to Franklin BBQ?”


For me its Snow’s, i’m reserving Franklin as a thing i’d be willing to go if someone from out of town brings it up. So far that hasn’t happened, i’ll bide my time in the meantime.


Yo Jimbo’s in Alameda, Ca., on Park Street, 5 doors West of the Luck 13. Go and you shall witness Ramen like no other.


Franklin gets a lot of hype because he’s right around the corner from the HQ of Texas Monthly magazine, so their food people can find barbeque they can rave about without having to dirty their Birkenstocks to go out yonder somewhere.


Speaking of small ramen shops in out-of-the-way Japan, I am reminded how thoroughly I enjoy reading (and repeatedly re-reading) Audrey Hepburn’s Neck by Alan Brown’s.

In the novel, the protagonist’s father owns a small ramen shop at the end of some small road in northern Hokkaido.

Smart, sad-funny, and very informative about everyday life in modern Japan.


Love him. Sad now.


Thx for the rec! Will try it asapractical. We make a special trip to the east bay for Vic’s (my has it changed) so a swing by a wicked good ramen shop sounds like we can fit it in our busy culinary schedule!

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Remind me to travel to Austin and hopefully run into you on the streets and ask if you want to go to Franklin.

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Now I want to fly to Japan.