A visit to the basement where Dungeons & Dragons was born


“Descending into the Gygax basement, it was like being an adventurer exploring some ancient dungeon where the heroes of old had killed the first monsters…”

and then they were instantly killed by a falling stone trap. should have remembered your 10’ poles, guys.


Just listened to a great panel recorded at Paizo Con by Know Direction of Frank Mentzer talking about the history of TSR and the making of the red box. It’s a great listen.

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Got a link?


Give it a couple decades, a dark age and a few classic D&D books found in a basement, and we have the beginnings of a new religion.


I lived two blocks from his house from 85-89. TSR still had some licensed production locally and dumpster diving was encouraged, so there are plenty of cool pieces in local collections.

The culture ran pretty deep, several of my friend’s parents were involved in some way or another. My best friend lived even closer to the D&D house and his mother was one of the main authors of the “Choose Your Own Adventure” books.

You can still find locals with wild stories that would be great parables for a new religion dedicated to table games and debauchery.

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Someone should make a panorama and upload it somewhere. I was hoping he’d pan around more in the video.

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Was that the “Battle of Duffer’s Drift,” set up on the sand table?

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I think L Ron has already gone there… gather gold… level up… learn new mysteries… :smiley:

Actually if I recall that day it was the classic SturmgeschĂĽtz and Sorcery setting documented in the Strategic Review back in 1975. A number of settings played across the sandtable over the weekend.

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