The irrefutable link between Dungeons and Dragons and human sacrifice


How can you refute… THE TRUTH??? :open_mouth:


I remember my sixth grade teacher (a very strict and very gay man) telling the class about a similar satanic cult that had been uncovered in Texas or California. The trial and testimony, the breeding for sacrifice, the underground tunnels, the “fact” that these things were real.

With hindsight every single criminal case my teachers felt compelled to discuss with their class has fallen apart in my adulthood. In 10th grade we had to read and discuss an essay on the central park wolfpack. Never in any classroom discussion was innocent or implausible even really allowed as a possibility. It was death sentence -vs- life in prison.


Magic 8 Balls are the tools of Satan, because they tell the future.

Seriously. This was told to me by a born-again little girl in elementary school.


The prominence of D&D and the “escape the government” motif are two of the reasons why a friend of mine says that E.T. is an antiauthoritarian film.


Before the Illuminati, Tom Hanks had other demons to battle.


Argh. Just. Fucking. Grrr.

I lived through the Satanic Panic, it was so stupid and so powerful it even crossed the pond to the UK. It tore children from families up and down the country with baseless accusations of satanic abuse.

If you listened to metal (like I did), had long hair and wore black (like I did) and played D&D (you guessed it, and I still play now) you were a pariah. A friend who used to work part time at a gaming store whilst studying for his PhD got beaten so badly they broke a limb.

It’s cringe worthy now, but back then it made life dangerous to be different.


Did Cline give this testimony to the school portrait photographer?


And the zealots always wonder why they are laughed at and “persecuted” in various ways as time goes on. Hard to take you seriously when (dating back even before Galileo) you have a rich history of absurdity and refusing to acknowledge the truth.

I believe there’s even an old parable involving a boy and a wolf… :wink:

/Played a fair amount of D&D in the 80s
/Never drank blood, sacrificed anyone, or worshiped (imaginary) evil ones


I wonder what level of Cultist he made it to?


Come on. I played D&D in the 80s and we drank very little blood and never actually sacrificed a baby (misplaced the ritual sword that night).


Drinking blood and sacrificing babies? Isn’t that what the Romans said the Christians did?


his accent is oddly mesmerizing. i’m going to listen to it again.

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Oh yeah, ritual Satanic Abuse by daycare providers. I always assumed it was someone trying to undermine working women, as they were the ones that needed daycare the most.

The crazy thing about this is how years after it was clear that the whole thing was a load of bullshit and criminally overzealous prosecution, that people still believed it. They dug up the foundations at one daycare because they really and truly believed that the kids were flushed down a toilet to a sex dungeon during the day, and only released when their parents came to pick them up.


Plus 20 kids in Rochdale.


What an exquisite collection of lunatics.

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No, that’s what Christians said the Jews did.


One of the most sickening things from the aftermath of Kern County’s legacy of child abuse hysteria? [Ed Jagels][1], the unapologetic-to-the-end prosecutor who destroyed the lives at least three dozen innocent adults and countless children, was re-elected to his position six times until retiring on his own terms in 2009.

If anything his popularity and influence actually grew after the scandal. Among other “accomplishments,” he’s one of the reasons California has “tough on crime” measures like the Three Strikes law.

Bakersfield is f***ed up.


Damn! Mine doesn’t work properly then. I want a refund!

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