Child's illustrated garden of Satanic ritual abuse


So was it the Satan worshipers who dressed up that little girl like Donald Duck?


Probably a big sellter on Long Island. This murder occurred one town over from where I grew up. It was beyond huge locally, and probably pretty big nationally.


Doctor, she has terrible nightmares, she won’t eat some foods, and she becomes upset when I ask her to wear certain clothes. SOMETHING IS WRONG.

What fucking planet do these people live on? In my house, we call that Tuesday.


“Is it possible that some internet commentators are being paid to make sure that any references to SRA is fully discredited and ridiculed online?”

Many things are “possible.” A much smaller subset is plausible. A smaller set still is indicated by evidence. Guess where this theory falls.


Meanwhile, at the catholic residential schools…


Wow. That’s some layers of crazy. What the fuck is it with people? We are a deeply weird bunch…


Ricky Kasso’s father was the football coach at my high school. Yeah I think that case fed the hysteria more than any other

I’m begging you. Because I love you. Don’t read the comments on that Vigilant Citizen article. Nothing can save me, but it’s not too late for you. Conspiracy mindset is a scary thing and I have just gazed into its blank soulless eyes. D:


It is strange the some people would use that to think it links to Satanic rituals. How do they know that she just isn’t infested with thetans?


This was just one of Sanford’s many quite creepy children’s books with similar themes, ranging from “I Can’t Talk About It: A Child’s Book About Sexual Abuse,” through “Please Come Home: A Child’s Book about Divorce”, to “My Friend, the Enemy: Surviving a Prison Camp.”

And so on and so on, through a long list of horrors and traumas and “issues” from the mundane (eg, parental divorce) to the extremely unusual (eg, prison camp, above). Every one of them told through the lens of Christian fundamentalism.

While on the one hand such books arguably serve a genuine need, it says something about the author and her attitude towards children that she seems to have not ever written a normal children’s book about happy, normal things.


Forced Canadian Aboriginal children into government funded/backed Catholic/Jesuit boarding schools.


I clicked over to see if there was any screeching about CHEMTRAILS!!!

I was not disappointed.


Yes, but were they playing D&D at the time?


I remember this. I was 12 at the time and the whole case scared the crap out of me.

That black altar looks like a killer game table to put your dungeon master screen and toss a few vargouilles* at your players.

*Or Demogorgon if they are high level (kindergarten teachers always are).


It takes all kinds to fill a freeway

But what about the missing 8.5 trillion from the Pentagon? Won’t somebody think of the missing 8.5 trillion from the Pentagon?


Heh, towards the end, a quote from “The Illuminati Formula to Create a Mind Control Slave” to show how this is a “documented fact”.

Sounds like a cracking good reference for documented facts, there! But a little research turns up that they can’t even reference their quotes correctly; the book’s actually called “The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave.” Self published, of course.


This was covered, in a Rolling Stone article, at the time. As I recall, it was more teenage-stoner-satanism, than ritual-abuse-satanism.

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