Anti-D&D video warns of satanic Dungeon Masters


In “Dungeons and Dragons, Satan’s Game,” we learn that D&D is a gateway to Satanism and human sacrifice. I remember being a young gamer in the early 1980s and meeting people who’d warn me about the peril it presented to my immortal soul. D&D to a Fundie (via Christian Nightmares) READ THE REST


Back in the early 1980s I was a young kid in the back seat of my parent’s car when they stopped to pay a toll. The guy working the toll booth saw me in the back deeply engrossed in the D & D Monster Manual. He went off on my folks about the peril of my soul for letting me read that thing. He was chastising them for it. When they drove away I could still feel the heated gaze of the booth operator. It was my first real experience with zealot behavior and that not all religious sects think alike.


See, and look what happened to you because your parents didn’t heed that advice. You ended up as a tool booth operator, didn’t you. Didn’t you.


Are you sure that was about Dungeons and Dragons? It looked a lot more like they were playing Snakes and Ladders.


[quote=“TimmoWarner, post:4, topic:3195”]
It looked a lot more like they were playing Snakes and Ladders.
[/quote]The serpent represents the fall from grace in the garden of Eden, whereas the ladder represents Jacob’s vision of the stairway to heaven. The immortal souls of children are not playthings, Milton Bradley!!


Oh, so it’s all the game’s fault, and not the asshat who sends the naive player on a real life quest for blood?

But wait, are you sure this is Dungeons and Dragons, and not Skull and Bones?


Yeah I had more than one friend who I would loan my D&D Basic set out to learn, only to have them sheepishly give it back a few days later because their parents didn’t approve.


Don’t knock it. This guy started out as a toll collector.


I must sadly admit that I wound up becoming a toll booth operator. When I see kids reading A Brief History of Time or Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman or other such books in cars I am then compelled to yell at their parents. For these kids might begin to think & reason. And such is the path to madness and Cthulhu.


Ah damn, I was totally hoping for the Dead Alewives bit.


And the LORD said unto Abram, “Make ye a Salvation Throw, lest ye take 1d4 points of Constitution damage each round ye remain within the cloud”.


But, I just wanted to be cool…


My sister had a piano teacher (who incidentally would speak in tongues during her lessons, on occasion) that found out I played D&D. He pulled me aside one day and told me that it was a “game of the devil”, and then recounted an anecdote in which some good Christian boys threw their lead D&D figurines on a fire, and demons flew out of them!

Needless to say I tried burning some of my figures and it didn’t work. I was disappointed.


during a normal music program, this came up with no introduction on my college radio station once. i was doubled-over in short order. never knew where it came from til now.


This must be what the jury watched immediately prior to convicting the West Memphis Three.


in Spain the players of D&D, like me, are very stigmatized: In 1994, a pair of assholes killed a man in a bus stop by night, in madrid, they told to the judge, they was playing a RPG, and the media, was hungry in that time for shocking news, RPG games movement was starting in spain for that date, and almost was destroyed by television news. (Crimen del Rol)
Few years later, int the year 2000, in Murcia, another asshole,(Asesino de la Katana) he killed his parents and his sister with a katana, he was very fan of Final Fantasy VIII, and media started another campaing against the RPG. My mother then asked me if i was a member of a sect… i was shocked.
That year a few bastards made a prank in the “paso de semana santa” in Seville, they started a human stampede, and the media fueled the madness.
Later the community of spanish players, become a fucking pain in the ass of sensationalist newscasters, we started a campaing of protest against bad practice in the news, but was too late, in the later years we was under surveillance by the “policia nacional” (National Police).
My RPG club suffered few attacks, haters threw stones against our place, they started a fire in our place (we saved all the books without loss, over 200), the neighbours was afraid of us, and they called every day to the “Policia Local” with false complaints,
In fact, in my RPG Club, we had during a few months, a policeman as member, because they was investigating us, because some fucking idiots was killing goats in the woods, and a kid killed himself by seppuku.
in perspective, it was a sad, very sad history, for a long time, many times it was a pain in my heart, tears and rage, but i love throw a d20 with my sorcerer on saturdays, with my friends, i wont change that for nothing in this damn world


The supernatural is always a letdown. I had a similar disappointment when Uri Geller failed to recharge the batteries on my Gameboy through the TV screen.


Dungeon master fail! He lost his two players. What is he going to do next week? Who will play his LOST/Dwarf Fortress/Final Fantasy inspired-campaign he wrote himself? It took him months to design the monsters and create his Ziggy Stardust-esque super villain.
Good players are hard to find.


That dude’s hooded cloak looks cheap, no wonder he fails as DM. You need a quality hooded cloak and real beeswax candles.


And that manual…

Clearly way too few rules for the D&D I played as a youth.

That’s what, 3 splatbooks worth?