A weird little winter wonderland is inside this snowglobe nail bubble


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2017/12/18/a-weird-little-winter-wonderla.html


Next, a tiny aquarium for sea monkeys…


I have a related story about that. When I was in college, the Japanese exchange student in my dorm picked up my snowglobe and shook it up real good. Except that it wasn’t a snowglobe. It was my sea monkeys. Their dead little crowned carcasses were absorbed into my comforter.


Tiny snowglobe atop fake, normal size nail.

Now waiting for humongous fake nail with normal sized snowglobe atop that.


Look on the bright side; that’s likely the nicest burial ever afforded dead sea monkeys.


It is absurd. And nope, ain’t got time for such nonsense.


That is irredeemably ugly.

Looks like a toenail fungus copulated with a snail.


Saw there was airbrushing involved, and immediately nope’d.


The whole thing is ridiculous.


I’d get that checked.


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