A Woman's Work is Never Done: Eliza Bennett's 'flesh as canvas' embroidery



This is the most horrifying thing I have seen all week.



I find it comes off more as a display of technique. Her other work, however, really is quite interesting.


Hey Boing Boing – could you please put the picture under a cut or something, for the squeamish? Thanks!


“I decided to apply the process to my hand to make it appear calloused and work worn like that of a manual labourer”.

Because mutilating yourself is easier than, you know, doing manual labor.

“for me it’s about human value”

Not recognizing the irony in a hipster artist “honoring” honest hard work via self-mutilation.


Seems weird to like a comment calling something horrifying… but I’m right there with you.


Yeah that’s all we need, an emo seamstress.


I see this as no different from tattooing (and it is probably less permanent). There is nothing particularly horrifying about it. And to be fair, there are many types of bodily mutilation that society accepts. If people are squeamish about it, I think they are probably more disturbed by a new type of bodily mutilation, not the actual effects of it.



Also, I’d be more impressed if she’d sown her hand to some other part of her body or - better - someone else’s body.

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But it’s just so much more real than having a factory of Vietnamese kids embroidering their hands for fifteen cents an hour.

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Eh, not sure I buy the why, but it’s interesting and done well. She might get further with it as Etsy DIY zombie makeup…

Hah! And they said Morgellons was psychosomatic!

Is this causing her a disability in her work or social life? If not, then she isn’t mentally ill. Calling someone else mentally ill on the Internet without knowing anything other than a trivial amount about some art they are creating is pretty vile. I get why you do it: you support the stigma of mental illness when it is useful in an insult.

How is this more extreme than piercing or tattoos? Is it because you aren’t used to the sight of this non-permanent mutilation? Would you consider someone who pierced a piece of cartillage for the sole purpose of hanging a shiny piece of metal on it to be mentally ill (and then repeatedly interfered with healing so the hole would be stable)? Or would you consider a person who spent hours in a chair while another person shot various colored dyes under their skin to be mentally ill? But the person who sews thread into dead skin cells without causing permanent damage is the mentally ill one?


These days, digging ditches by hand is artisanal.



On the other hand, this work evokes the emotions of looking through most threads.

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This is NOT art…it’s self abuse, and I think it’s disgusting and horrifying that anyone would do this to themselves.


I saw an incredible sunset last night, but I didn’t paint it because I’m not mentally disturbed, however.

I saw a really cool bird in flight this morning, but I didn’t take its picture, because I’m not mentally disturbed, however.

I saw an anguished form of a forlorn parent bursting with pathos, struggling to free itself from a block of marble, but I didn’t pick up a hammer and chisel because I’m not mentally disturbed, however.

In other news, did any of you actually READ the text, where she says it’s going through the top layer of skin, not into the flesh? I remember doing stuff like this, just like she remembered it. It doesn’t hurt, because it’s a like a controlled scrape. It certainly separate out the squickish from the non-squickish.


What’s with all the pearl clutching? It’s a bit of thread through the top layer of dead skin. There won’t be a trace of it left two weeks from now. It’s mutilation as much as nail biting is.