A wooden case for your M1 Mac

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It would help QUITE a few of your readers if you mention that they do covers for NOT JUST Macs, but PC based units too…

Many of us use machines that are not Mac based.

Helping everyone helps…everyone… :slight_smile:


Kinda neat, but is it real wood? if so it is a excellent insulator, and with heat being the enemy of computers (even power sipping apple silicon SoCs…) I’m not sure I’d recommend this on a mac (tho there is a rich tradition of people making very cool PC cases entirely out of wood… I think they work on the ventilation to make sure it doesn’t burn the house down)

First sentence of the post!


Main page of Boing Boing says A woode3n case for you M1 Mac.

I’m a curious guy - maybe it could be a present for a Mac friend - so I click the link and THEN found out that had things for other types of computers…

MOST of the time I ignore the Mac stuff because I don’t own any…this was a random click…just because…

I WOULD NOT HAVE known they made things for other computers.

My statement stands. “A wooden case for your M1 Mac and other computers” COULD have helped everyone without effort.

Front page was exclusionary…It was only sheer luck I managed to learn decent information…

Helping Everyone helps…everyone… :slight_smile:

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It’s true! Turns out this company also makes cases for RTFA, but that’s mentioned nowhere!


Pretty. And not too spendy for an iPad.

Might be time to treat myself.




Are you flocking mad!

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For anyone wondering how this product actually works, it’s an adhesive veneer, as you may have guessed. Laser cut and real wood I’m sure, but it is a veneer you glue to your computer like a Hi-Fi set from 1972. Whether you think that will look good outside of high end product photography, I leave as an exercise to the reader.


What? Randy Team Fire Accessorizing, what?

Lenovo, HP…yeah, they make covers for lots of things. Okay. I can see needing the keycaps too.

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It was for Really Tiny Freelance Acers.
Surprised that didn’t make the list. :wink:

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It’s amazing that apple hasn’t gone after them (again) for trademark infringement.

Don’t know that I want the extra insulation.


I just saw Leak’s Stereo 130 amp today in a shop window. It’s almost identical to my old Stereo 20. Wood sides and everything.

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