A working bicycle made of wood

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That is very cool. Two things: I’d want some kind of rubber for the tires…that front tire was wobbling something awful - and some type of cushion for the seat. Secondly, I’d love to do this, but it would require far more patience than I have.

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Splinters. Splinters everywhere.


I would rather ride a bamboo bike.

You could probably have a springy wheel using curved slats instead of spokes; joined at the edge to make a smooth rim. I was going to say a bit like the Lunar Rover tires, but I have just googled them and they are not like I remember.

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I actually yelled “dude, get a router” when I saw the Dremel sander come out.


Ultimate hipster fixie :see_no_evil:

I was more surprised at the box cutter as a chisel, that is not even a power tool and can probably be bought for under 10 $ or €. And shouldn’t those pegs fit more tightly into the hole? He didn’t even need the hammer half of the time…

Apparently so he could escape from the forest.

That brief downhill ride was probably the last it will ever take. This is just a piece of art meant to resemble a bicycle. Consider the weight of all that plywood and the solid dowels, together with the fact that there are no bearings.


I WOOD not ride this bike, because it is just one big BAMBOOzle. Okay, you can kick me now. Thank you.


Me, standing in front of a blazing bonfire, talking to detectives…

Don’t you see? There’s no way I could have walked 25 miles there and back in 3 hours time to murder that man. I don’t even have any personal mode of transportation!


Saw a little something like that in a museum once, dating back to around 1900. Might have been this one:

Pic from https://www.revolvy.com/page/Wooden-bicycle .


Also consider that all but the most gentle turns will dump you on your side, doubly so for braking.

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