A year in the life of an indie RPG publisher

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Back in the days of Google+, the crowd I somehow found myself falling in with were indie TTRPG folks despite my never having played a non-electronic RPG at the time. (The first boardgame community that appeared on the service introduced me to these people as gamers, not creators. Finding out the latter was a treat.) Reading posts like this are now a treat as it continues my virtual kinship with great people. And as a someday-creator myself (fiction, not games - but why not games?), it is always helpful to hear stories about starting out and pushing through despite the fact that everything won’t immediately pay off financially.

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I’ve been working full time in RPG’s for about three years now - you basically have to lower your living standards to just a hair above living in a cardboard box, but it’s doable.


All that said, there is a real possibility of carving out a livable niche if you work hard at it.

It’s nice to know that some people are making a living off of this, but it doesn’t indicate anything about whether you can make a living off of it. There’s some definite survivorship bias at play here - or “possibility” is doing a lot of work. This is advice from someone who did build up a following, but there are plenty more people who never manage it. If nothing else, there’s enough people making RPGs that the quality of the work plays a role - only if you have some talent do you have a chance of surviving doing this. But as with all creative work, the product also has to resonate with enough people to produce a livable income, and luck plays a role here, especially if you’re taking any creative chances.

Unfortunately you don’t hear from the people who don’t make a career out of it. There’s important information they have to impart as well.

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