Plenty of room for everyone

@albill: There’s plenty of room for independent and smaller publishers to make tabletop pen & paper games. I come from an entirely different roleplaying system (BRP) and after a couple of decades playing GURPS, BRP, and other systems (I’m old and I forget easily), finally decided to go back in with D&D. I briefly played the 4th Edition and discovered that by solving other problems, it created a set of new ones. Fourth edition isn’t my cup of tea, but I don’t begrudge anyone who plays the version or system that works for them or their group. I tried out the online Basic Rules and the Starter Set–just amazed by how much WoTC accomplished with the input from crowdsourcing, loud, and opinionated gamers (like me). I only wish they made it available for open source like in more recent editions, but this is the game our group wants to play (for now). I have heard great things about FATE and glad you are able to game into your 40s. Hopefully you are passing it along to the next generation.

Oh, I bought the new Player’s Handbook and DMG as well.

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