A YIPPIE SEANCE! — Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin Take Credit for Last Week's Insurrection

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I recently watched The Trial of the Chicago 7 and it was very good. Legal Eagle did a review of it covering the legal accuracy.

It really is so odd the parallels of the 60s and today. We are re-living some beats.


Some parallels, some parodies.

Fifty, sixty years ago they didn’t understood what we were so angry about. We lived in a bizarre world where we were sent to die by the thousands in a stupid wasted war. We occupied parts of the Pentagon and Columbia U, that I can remember. And today almost everybody gets it.

Today we don’t understand what they’re so angry about. They live in Bizarro World, and have boldly marched off maskless to join the 350,000 dead this last year. They occupied parts of the Capitol and related buildings. And 50 years from now people will still be asking WTF they were thinking.


It was no Sproul Plaza last week.

Interesting that RG Davis did the video, since he started the San Francisco Mime Troupe, which was a launching pad for “guerilla theatre” and The Diggers. The latter didn’t like Abbie taking their work and making it very public.

Since Jerry Rubin once referred to me as his double, I doubt he’s been alive since 1994. I would have got a memo.

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So very much enjoying listening to this.


I was checking out the other videos on the Vimeo MediaBurnArchive site, and just by chance happened to choose the video called simply 11629.mp4, which turned out to be a half-decent local comedy sketch show from Chicago circa early-to-mid Seventies - there’s no titles or credits so it’s impossible to know for sure. Lo and behold, one of the actors immediately caught my attention, and I realized it was no other than renowned Chicago actor Joe Mantegna (at least I’m pretty certain it is - looks and sounds like him from around this time, and he’d been doing various theater projects since the late Sixties)! I don’t think anybody else out there, Joe included, knows this stuff even exists, so if you’re a fan of his, you might really wanna check it out! Anybody out there know what his comedy troupe might have been called?

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