Watch: Aaron Sorkin discusses Sacha Baron Cohen's portrayal of Abbie Hoffman in "The Trial of the Chicago 7"

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i wish there was more time given to just watching part of the scene, but it looks good. hoffman was such a complicated person. on one hand, i love his playfulness and his sense of culture-jammery, but he was also kind of a dick. this looks great.


In 1987 Jeremy Kagan wrote and directed CONSPIRACY: The Trial Of The Chicago 8 and it aired on HBO. Based on actual trial transcipts, I find it to be a much more compelling and accurate portrayal of the events throughout that infamous trial. It not only boasts a stellar cast (including Elliot Gould, Robert Loggia, Peter Boyle and more) it is also interwoven with interviews of the actual defendants and lawyers; creating a a vibrant pastiche which contains more drama, more humour, more information and more insight than the Sorkinized version currently being offered.

Kagan himself has posted the film on Vimeo where you (and the rest of the world) can watch it for free:

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