A young cartoonist takes her very old grandparents on a cruise, and finds it exhausting

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I felt sorry for Lucy because the trip was stressful and exhausting.

I don’t, because this is the kind of experience where all the hardship and embarrassment fade with time, and the memories will only show their love - kind of like parenting. When they’re gone, she will be grateful.


Taking care of extremely elderly people is not as much like taking care of children as you’d think, although there are certainly moments that are much the same.

For example, children don’t have skin the thickness and strength of wet kleenex, and fingernails the thickness and strength of cast iron.

And you can pick children up easily when you need to change their clothes, and they can’t really stop you, either.


When do I get my cruise? WHEN!


The cruise was inside you all along.


You are right. I’ve done both. The thing they have in common is that little kids and old people with dementia are menaces to themselves and require constant monitoring. Bless you for doing it.


I absolutely love the graphic novel posts. MOAR PLZ!

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Lucy is the best!!

Back before she got too famous and we were all on live journal (remember that?) she put up a post about msking masala chai and how she makes it. Many readers pointed out that didn’t have cardamom in her chai and she replied with a complaint about the price of cardamom in Chicago. I messaged her and said I’d be happy to send some if she didn’t mind getting packages from strange fans in the mail… she didn’t, so I did, (I live beside Little India so i sent her about a kilo of various spices that probably cost me $20) and in return she sent me this:

I repeat, Lucy is great!


“I’m stuck in the world of artists who emerged in the 80s and 90s”

This really makes me feel better. It is hard to keep track of all the promising indie artists out there.


I liked this one the best of all Lucy’s books. I lived with my grandparents for 6 months in my late 20’s. They were a bit younger than Lucy’s and I thought it would be a hassle but I had a blast. My gran used to wait for me to get home from work with some silly chore for me to do, which was really a excuse to chat. She told me stories of her youth like when she taught herself piano by ear so the girls at school could practice their dance steps, how they didn’t have a dentist in her town but there was a guy at the pub who could pull teeth, about the handsome American soldiers in the war with all the cool gear. She told me the secret family history like that time Uncle Tiny had an affair with one of the ladies at the golf club. I miss her now she is gone but so glad I got to know her as an adult.


That doesn’t make sense: we also have an Indian section of town, as well as other sections for cultures/cuisines that use cardamom too. Any chance her address was actually in a suburb? But even then, some suburbs have significant populations from the Indian sub-continent: Schaumburg is the first one to come to mind.


That sounds wonderful! It gets a lot harder when the older generation can’t do chores with you or reminisce because both their brains and bodies don’t function well enough anymore. Then it’s all work and no fun. And if that happens while you’re still taking care of children…

I will have to check the envelope when I get home LOL - but that sounds familiar?
I dunno…

My first thought was Devon Ave, but it has been a long while since I’ve lived in Chicago.

Yup, still the go-to spot if you want a solid mile or more of Indian restaurants, shops, etc., but not the only place to find cardamom. Good memory!

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Yeah, you got that right! And blessings upon you also.

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