Kids chat with a sharp 101-year-old woman

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I lived for a summer with a fantastic 98-year old. I was not his nurse, he just needed a housemate between family coverage. He still rototilled his own garden (granted, it had been well tilled for 40 years). He was a field surgeon in WWII and travelled with the tail end of the Chautaqua movement in his younger days, and still attended the weekly oncology meetings at the local hospital he helped get built. Even surrendered his driving license when he realized that was best. Doctor Ed, you were a one heck of a guy.


When I saw the title, I was wondering whether the woman in question was Beverly Cleary, who is 101.


Wow. I hope I can be just as clear-headed as her when I’m 61.


My aunt is 102 and she also worked in the WWII efforts to decode and encode Japanese messages for the US war effort. She isn’t as independent as Alice and, as she needs assistance with some life things, my aunt happily lives in a wonderful care home community. My aunt’s secret to longevity: no husband or kids. She lived her life on her own terms, 100% of the time for 100 years – until she moved into the care home community and now, someone else does her cooking and cleaning!


I’d like to be that clear headed right now and I’m not even 41.


Holy Smokes! She’s my hero!


“You’re really old, but you’re really good at it…”
“Yes, and I enjoy life!”

I just melted a bit. I need better role models!


I liked when she said “I’m Alice” and that wiseguy kid was all “Hi, Malice!”

“you’re really old, but you’re really good at it.” practice makes perfect, haha

That was sweet. All people in this video were wonderfull.

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She is fantastic, and I would be interested in figuring out exactly who she is and checking out some of the books she mentioned writing.

Okay, “getting good at being old” goes on the to-do list.

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