Aaron Swartz documentary "The Internet's Own Boy" is a CC-licensed download today


Vimeo says the film will only be available in the US and Canada (for rent). Hopefully someone who buys the film will share it with the rest of the world.

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the irony of having to illegally download a film that’s being legally shared and distributed

The internet’s own boy, available on the internet*

*internet includes north america only

He is not really the “Internet Own Boy”, since he is already censored with the use of the American DMCA:


Copyright claim #1:
  The Internet’s Own Boy - 2014 (FILM)
Original work URL(s):Allegedly infringing URLs:
  0.   http://torrentbutler.eu/250658-the-internet-s-own-boy-the-story-of-aaron-swartz

CC licenced? only available in US and Canada, 72 hours rent… a bit confusing…

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