Aaron Swartz documentary, The Internet's Own Boy, out today


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Through on-demand channels, which would seem to include Bittorrent, as a quick search reveals.

“Sorry, this film is not available in your region”


Same here. Damn this is stupid. I wanted to support the creators but I guess I’ll head to the torrents.

EDIT: Apparently, the URL for non-US is:

This is restricted as well so if you’re in Australia, France or the UK you’re SOL. Movie biz never gets things right do they.

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And by SOL, I think he means, ‘going to have to wait a couple hours for it to be torrented’.

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“Sorry, this film is not available in your region” … How perverse is that? A crowdfunded documentary about Aron Swartz and then old school country / territory restictions … igit igit

If you try the ‘hard’ way: you need a proxy operated out of US, than a credit card with a billing address in U.S. (if you don’t have, PayPal will do the job - no checking of residence here)

Or just head for the 'bay :smile:

Why other URL, from a Vimeo account of other distributor, just to release it worldwide? And for a documentary about someone who fought for a free internet!

No matter what, they will never understand how internet works.

the humanity.

I’d like to download a copy and contribute, but it’s not obvious how. I don’t want to screw with Amazon’s copy protected streams and Ubuntu (or Apple’s iTunes…), I don’t want to establish a “relationship” with Vimeo - is there a way I can just send the ten bucks directly to the creators?

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You can watch & download it at the Internet Archive:

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