Abandoned floating McDonald's


Before going I’d stop and get a Whopper and take it with me.

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This is not in Mission, nor is it in the Fraser River. It is in Port Moody, in the Burrard Inlet. It even shows up on Google Maps.


Fucking April Fools Day. I was so sure this was a prank, but it’s all over the Internet, including in 2005 - https://web.archive.org/web/20050113202656/http://bobbea.com/expo-86/mcbarge.html

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Well technically it’s closer to Burnaby than Port Moody. At least last time I’ve saw it. Brings me back plenty of childhood EXPO memories for this Vancouverite I remember being IN there when it was new and fully operational. Also even some local Vancouverites make that mistake thinking Burrard Inlet == Fraser River. I guess they like the taste of salt. (HA! Many allusions and it’s still April fool)

The two idiots in the video are just that. The thing’s never rumored to be hunted nor was it a great idea to go into it in a dingy. The structure’s unstable and quite unsafe. Lots of rust.

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Google Maps has it here:



Terrible spot for a game of Pac-man.


Yes, between the 2nd narrow and SFU. Follow East along the coast until you reach the edge, that corner is Port Moody. Don’t go to the North end, that’s a national park. It’s a PORT–thus the land is classic curve, C shaped to shelter ships. Between 2nd Narrow and SFU, that’s Burnaby as far as I’m concerned.

Source: I LIVE HERE.


Pretty obvious why it went out of business.

Excellent Nausea-Cam work! I thought I was Duke Nukem.

I’m not being critical. I’m glad they went and filmed it. I was curious too. And I like the “Vancouver’s WORST Ghost Hunters” title, though I suspect they’re too modest.

When I was a kid I went to a summer camp in Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario, with canoe trips being the primary activity. A popular rumor the camp counselors used to motivate the kids to keep going on the long, hard trip days was that there was a paddle-through mcdonald’s (paddle your canoe through, rather than drive a car through) a few lakes away. I enjoyed learning of the existence of this - adds plausibility.

We had one in Brisbane. :rowboat: :hamburger:


Seemed like they’d been consuming some of BC’s other fine agricultural products; surprising that there wasn’t a grow operation on the roof : - )

Won’t somebody think of the children!

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