Moby Dick's Restaurant lease blocked due in part to its "offensive name"


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They would undoubtedly block a Hooters franchise as well…


Man, what a dick-ish move!


A whale of a tale, and it’s all true, I swear by my tattoo!


You see what they did to Chi-chi’s…


Call me Fish Meal


I’m in total agreement with them. Moby is super offensive.


I can only imagine what they would think of Typee and Omoo.


I can think only of the former bar of the same name in Minneapolis.

It was designated a problem property and demolished in the 80’s, leaving behind a vacant lot that was a political football for a decade. It was finally redeveloped into a taxpayer-subsidized retail complex (movie theater and a dueling-piano karaoke bar) which immediately failed and became a political football again, and has only just now been redeveloped yet again. A substantial slice of my property taxes have gone to fund the running joke that is the Moby Dick’s aftermath. I’d veto any new business by that name just on superstitious grounds.

See also the Tom Waits song ‘9th and Hennepin’ which is one block away, surely no coincidence.


What is “people who have never cracked a serious book”, Alex?


The guy is so considerate he preemptively removed the offensive part of the name before a single complaint.


Oh, just stop with your extreme ways…


What do they think about Dick’s Sporting Goods? The name of that store is a complete sentence.



Moby Dick’s Restaurant. Specializing in…

Note to self: do not Google images of Spotted Dick at work :flushed:



This reminds me of something that I saw on iTunes many years ago: Law & Order was listed as being by "D**k Wolf*.


I see I’m 19 minutes too late to this party!


my job is done here