Trespasser camping on Disney World's abandoned island thought it was a "tropical paradise"

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Did he bring his desert island disks?


Only in paradise are there soft serve ice cream machines in every cabana.


That 2017 video is funny - they make a big deal about how it was capture with an HD camera - but then the camerawork is awful, jittering around so much you can’t see anything. No careful pans at all, like it was just strapped to someone’s head as they jogged around the island and hurriedly looked around.

I wonder how they detected this guy, though. Sounds like he got spotted from a boat, which was bad luck, as it seems like this area gets pretty much ignored even when the park is open.


If he was telling the truth he wouldn’t have even tried to hide. Might have left his boat out in plain sight somewhere and had a campfire visible from the water.


Okay, here I go trying to feel bad for Disney…

Nope. Nothin. Huge swath of land being unused.

We have vagrants all over the place up here in NE. Sometimes cops just turn a blind eye knowing that there really is nowhere else to go. At this moment, especially so.

Now, if I could find a way to sneak my daughters into Cinderella’s Castle, I might just be super-dad and try :slight_smile:


There are things you can get away with in this world, and there are things you can’t. – Mud


You could drop about 60 dollars PP for the royal table. All you can eat with princesses.
I think they offer a makeover with a costume too.

Tho don’t expect the food there to be better than typical convention style rubber chicken.
They really don’t have a decent kitchen at that location.

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Not really a safe place to camp. A lake filled with alligators (remember, they ate a child a few years back), a brain-eating amoeba infestation int eh water (the reason that the island was closed), and god only knows what other Florida wildlife he may have encountered. I suppose safer than some places, but there is no way someone got there unknowingly. I’m just glad he’s still alive.


The prime rib was decent there the last time I went - granted, that was 8-10 years ago.


Good call, but 60PP is still ridiculous IMHO. There’s a place near me in New Hampshire:

It’s basically a Disney knock-off, but parking is free and close, there isn’t more than a 10 min line for any rides (and the rides are just as good), the weather doesn’t suck for most of the year.

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So, exactly like the rest of Florida, then?


Yeah, Once you get south of Rt4 in FL, it’s pretty much mini-australia. I used to work at a grocery store in FL. Funniest day ever:

Local inebriated fellow comes in: “There’sh an alligator in the parking lot! You tryin’ to raise them or somethin’?”.
Me: Yeah, yeah. okay.
10 min later
Local non-inebriated fellow comes in: “There’s an alligator near the drainage ditch outside”.
Me: goes and looks. Finds a 5 footer. Okkkkaayyy. Time to call animal control.


Hm. Any staff that set foot there will be fired on the spot, even high-ranking executives.

SCP Discovery Island


More dangerous, depending on the locale. Granted, the wildlife might have been in more danger from Florida man…


Well, you didn’t list any venomous snakes, specifically, so it sounded safer than, say, Orlando International Airport. :wink:


Thank you. The good thing about the Internet: anybody can post to it (in some countries anyway). The bad thing about the Internet: anybody can post to it. So tired of hearing “Hey guys” barely audible from across someone’s bedroom because their phone mic can’t pick them up.


Some of the never-executed plans for the island after it closed were kind of interesting. One was to make it a Myst-themed attraction (I think they even had the rights), then there was a plan to recycle some of the Myst concepts (like computerized puzzle-solving stations) into a Lost-themed island experience (hey, they could have recycled some old early EPCOT props for the Dharma stations), before the whole Lostmania craze fizzled out…


Gilligan is going to be in BIG trouble when the Skipper finds out what he’s done now!


Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. If he was actually trying to remain hidden, he would have to be pretty unlucky to get spotted.

And what makes the video weird is that someone already had posted a video of it, not too much earlier. Their whole stated reason for doing it was to have it in HD, but then whipped the camera around so much it could have been shot on VHS for all we can tell.