ABC News apologizes for airing live aerial video of Robin Williams' home


This footage brought to you by VultureCam™


That’s great that you’ve taken it upon yourself to monitor and evaluate coverage of Williams’s death for appropriateness. What else should we all be doing?

Striving to be more compassionate beings and helping to make the world a friendlier place.


Maddox. 'Nuff said.

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I for one wholeheartedly agree with BB on this. Robin Williams was a rare cultural icon, a rare soul. His death is a tragedy. His performances are threaded throughout my own life, and they are charming and unforgettable.

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Shepard Smith issued the most perfect nopology for calling him a coward:

If those words, I used so innocently, offended his family, from the bottom of my heart, I could not be more sorry.

If calling their father a coward offended them? Why would it offend them? After all, you called him a coward innocently. That makes it all right.


Right now I bet he couldn’t be more sorry.

Christ what an asshole.


“When we realized there was no news value to the live stream, we took it down immediately,”

When I realized the man I’d been robbing was broke, I stopped my thievery immediately.


Raise the bar, if you feel it needs to be raised. But I don’t see that as your approach to the world you want to live in, is it?

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Lots of people just cannot be very sorry. I see his words as an admission of a very shallow emotional trough.


Bloody Commie!
How am I supposed to monetize that?

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