Ablism and Disablism

Or even if they want to all face the same way to feed pigeons or whatever they would just park the chair on either side of the bench. It’s not like a person in a wheelchair needs that backrest.


That’s some BS, although last year, I saw some picnic tables in Yorkshire with 5 spaces, as they left a gap in the middle of one side for a wheelchair to access the table.

Same idea, but the Scarborough Castle benches are an exercise in inclusivity, these guys are just dicks


Yeah there are lots of examples of picnic tables designed for inclusivity, the simplest version being one that just extends the tabletop farther than the bench so someone can roll their chair up to the side.

The giveaway that something was designed as “hostile architecture” masquerading as inclusivity is when obvious effort was put into ensuring it can’t be used for a specific purpose rather than ensuring it can be used for a specific purpose.


That seems a clever table. Allows a wheelchair user to be in the center of the table for once whilst simultaneously making the table unattractive to groups without a wheelchair user. I imagine it must get tiring to always sit at the edge and difficult for parents of a child who uses a wheelchair. It can help a lot to bracket a small child with adults.

The bench @Brainspore mentioned is a monstrosity and whomever came up with it a consummate asshole.

At a nearby place they put these metal ridges on these broad steps. The kind that can double as seating in a pinch. Which is not only an exercise in cruelty but a major trip hazard for anyone with mobility issues who doesn’t notice them. Or me. Because I’m clumsy.


… same as it ever was

Sit/Lie 4.0: Pitting People With Disabilities Against Those Without Homes

Despite a great deal of testimony against the latest version of Sit/Lie, on May 7, the Portland City Council voted 4-0 to enact a new ordinance. This time, their fourth go-around, they framed the law around the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) in an apparent effort to appear humane.

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