Accused Facebook fraudster vanishes before trial




Is there a sequel to The Social Network coming out, except this one is a fugitive drama?


Vanished? or was vanished???




Hmmm… I never knew Zuckerberg had it in him to kill a man and destroy his body.


Wow. My mind did not jump to ‘he was likely kidnapped’.

Mine went straight to ‘he probably realized he would be jailed for fraud’.


His lawyer doesn’t have the foggiest idea where the guy is?


There was an episode about this in /Lie To Me/. Except the person didn’t disappear; she was just murdered. And it wasn’t over the billions of dollars; it was about sociopathic revenge rage.


Never try to blackmail someone for more money than it costs to have you killed.


He’s got a lotta money.


Nope. Not the Foggiest.


Now you tell me.


The RIAA sure is hard to kill.



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