For years, Facebook has been secretly deleting Zuck's messages from his correspondents' inboxes


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After Zuck dropped out of Harvard did he by chance attend Evil Medical School?


Interestingly i noticed this feature last week when chatting up a friend on the messenger app. If you hold click on a message you’ve sent you can delete it, but if you’re on a computer it will not give you any options to delete the IM. What i don’t know is if it deletes it from your end of the conversation only or if it truly functions as an “unsend”. I haven’t tested.


Dammit, 1984 was a warning, not a “howto”.


Harassers - you’re gonna love this feature.


Zuck is the perfect Bond Villain.




There actually used to be kind of a troll meme ages ago where certain d-bags would post on someone’s wall, or as a comment to someone’s post, and say something very inflammatory to get an extreme reaction and then after the victim would go ff on them the troll would edit their initial response to something innocuous making it seem like the victim was acting crazy. Thankfully i haven’t seen this in ages.


It’s hilarious, because of course they did.


I think he managed to drop out right before the ethics classes …

I do wonder how much more PR spin from this guy and his spin doctors will the public accept. Every time something like this surfaces, FB and their CEO make a contrite face, say how much they are sorry and what not - and a week later another scandal erupts showing that they were simply flipping everyone off and these things were no “mistakes” but done on purpose.

And people still trust these crooks with their personal data?


I feel like the dystopian nature of Facebook is reaching peak awareness, which is very, very satisfying.

But I also worry that we’ll see a similar effect as we did with government surveillance during the Snowden fallout: People freaked out for a while, wrote a lot about it, and then mostly relaxed back into a similar - albeit more cynical - day-to-day relationship with our communications.

What will it take not just to expose Facebook as our enemy, but mobilize against it?


If there’s one good thing that’s likely to come out of this month of PR hell for Facebook, it’s that we’re probably not going to have to put up with Zuckerberg as a shitty presidential candidate for two years leading into 2020…


You did see the interview with Dr. Evil on the Jimmy Fallon show; Zuck’s running as Dr. Evil’s Veep.
“Make the World Evil Again”. I would so buy that hat.


I thought this was all about laying the groundwork for his campaign; showing a more warm, fussy, human side to his personality.


The next iteration of the Unsend feature involves jackbooted thugs breaking down your door and forcing you tell them which directory of your backup drive you placed the saved screenshots of Zuckerberg’s messages.


“Facebook now says that it plans to launch an “unsend” feature for Facebook messages to all users in the next several months.”

To be frank I am shocked it wasn’t implemented sooner. Do you know how easy it is to send a dick pic to the wrong person via msger?


Sorry about that


I didn’t, but I’ll look for it tonight.


It’s hard to know whether Facebook is getting the Scott Pruitt treatment or Pruitt is getting the Facebook treatment.

#BootPruitt #DeleteFacebook #CtrlAltDeleteThemAll