Accused Russian agent Maria Butina will remain in jail, U.S. judge rules

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I suspect the Russians will grab some US citizen, either attached to the embassy in Moscow, or even just a private tourist or businessman traveling there, accuse them of a crime, and then use him/her as a bartering chip to get Butina back.


Better than my imagined scenario: Butina, the judge, and five or six others suddenly get poisoned.



(Sarcasm) That is one way for her to pay off her student loans (/Sarcasm)

“I cannot envision a scenario for Ms. Butina to be released from jail,”

Roger That!


Why did you have to post 9 tweets telling us the same thing over and over?

You really think she is that important to them? Fighting to get her back is like admitting she was working for them. They’ll just let her rot in jail here.

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I think it’s more a point of honor, like when the US works to get back a US citizen accused of spying in North Korea or Iran. Maybe they won’t go so far as to nab a US citizen for a trade, but they will put diplomatic pressure on to get her back.


I don’t think Russia has yet acknowledged she’s KGB FSB.

oh they’ll complain that is all not true and that we are holding a russian citizen, etc etc - just like they did not tamper in the election, just like there was no doping with their olympic teams - Putin could teach trump a thing or two about lying.

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Won’t be necessary after Cheeto Putin gives her a pardon.

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Trump to Putin: “Can I pick the victim? Can I?! Can I!?”

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“Is FSB now.”

They don’t have to acknowledge she’s a spy. In fact they can deny it up and down and say they want their innocent victim returned to the motherland and it will play better with the Russian public.

They have form on trying to get their operatives out.
It’s not just a matter of honour/tradition, it also makes a lot of sense for improving morale and motivation.

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