ACLU publishes government snoops' "Suspicious Activity Reports"




Do these ‘fusion centers’ recruit from HOA-horrorstory busybodies? Because those reports sound suspiciously similar, only with, y’know, guns and nigh-unlimited clandestine power…


“Someone must have slandered Josef K., for one morning, without having
done anything truly wrong, he was arrested.” ― Franz Kafka, The Trial


Would very much love to know more about those. I suspect, for example, that the Middle Eastern doctor found his police officer neighbour to be rude and overly nosy.


God forbid you’re fucking unfriendly. It is dangerous to be introverted, shy or to mind your own business. Now we have to pass personality tests too? Why don’t they just replace all of the citizenry with empty-smiled Stepford wives and then we can all move past this.

Also this:

“Demonstration Against Law Enforcement Use of Excessive Force”:
“Reporting party received an e-mail that describes a scheduled protest
by an unknown number of individuals on July 7, 2012. The information
indicates the protestors are concerned about the use of excessive
force by law enforcement officers.”

I can’t even…

Thank you ACLU.


Somewhere somebody is composing a defense along the lines of “well all these data points get ingested into pattern finding models, and maybe 10 seemingly innocuous details reveal a real threat someday”. But based on the track record of these programs, it seems like if you keep loading up your databases with petty nonsense, nonsense is what comes out the other end.


10 seemingly innocuous details reveal a real threat

They always do… after the event.


How is this not the Stasi?


Fearing police beating is an indication that the police might need to beat you. Clearly.


“There is nothing more provocative than minding your own business.”
-William S. Burroughs, The Place of Dead Roads


Also, what kind of person turns in someone who wants to protest against police brutality?


I wish I could like this a hundred times.


simply put, Cops.


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Suspicious? Go to any conservative blog and they are talking about killing their neighbors, race war, shooting cops, and building IEDs.

There’s plenty of that over Glenn Beck’s web site. That’s about as far down the ladder as I can go because I just can’t stomach stuff like Breitbart.

The weird thing is that these guys say things that are much much worse than straight up white supremacists, because white supremacists make some effort to blend into society.


Should those of us remaining here be offended by that quality before and after comment?


Not to put too fine a point on it, I suspect that the doctor sensed the sergeant was a racist dickbag. That sort of thing is hard to keep to yourself.


Brutal police?


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