Acrobatic robot backflip


Great, ninja robots. The one thing we had against the terminator (t-800) was it’s relatively slow speed and inflexibility. Way to go guy, you’ve doomed us all!

Awww yeah little robot! (Yeah, I have a problem anthropomorphizing machines and get emotionally attached.)

That is seriously cool. I have no idea how that works or what fantastic science makes that happen, but it is pretty damn neat.

In the future they will backflip onto a carpet of bones and human skulls.


It looks remarkably like a tiny human gymnast. The most telling part for me was at the end of the landing, when its little arms went up. That’s seen as a gesture of WIN, but also serves to counteract the rolling momentum, preventing the gymnast from falling face-down onto the mat.

Get rid of my inner ear and I could so do that.

Legendary French magician Robert Houdin created a Trapeze Artist called Antonio Diavolo that did something similar…in 1849! Antonio is now owned by magic illusion designer Johnny Gaughan, who spent years restoring him to working condition. I saw Gaughan run Antonio through his paces at the Magic Castle in Hollywood years ago and it was a very wonderful thing indeed.

You can see a 2000 performance here:

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Based on the landing it looks like the feet are heavily weighted. So I think sticking the landing was pretty much guaranteed as long as it landed feet first. But landing feet first is still an impressive feat (hah).

I am increasingly convinced that humans are grossly inferior to machines in nearly every way.

There is a lengthy bloopers reel.


You might say God is grossly inferior to humans in nearly every way. And I mean that in the most positive sense (for humans).

man now i want to watch this bloopers reel with a human blooper reel synced up side-by-side.

Robots don’t unionize, need health insurance, fair working hours, child care,vote, etc. Good for corporations, bad for humans who have to make a living wage.

It’s not wearing a leotard.

Whenever I read about robot overlords or the inevitable robot attack on their organic creators, I wonder why they would bother. What do we have that they would want? They could fit themselves up to live on Mars (for example) and avoid the bother of war.

i’m thinking i’d have plenty of time to run away while it did its preparatory loop-dee-loops.

ninja robot’s not kicking my ass.

no, sir. not today.

At first, there were BATTLEBOTS

but comming soon… ROBOT OLYMPICS !

I want to know if it uses any feedback, or whether it’s just a painstakingly-edited list of timed instructions.[quote=“PeaceLove, post:7, topic:4281”]
Legendary French magician Robert Houdin created a Trapeze Artist called Antonio Diavolo that did something similar…in 1849!
You can see a 2000 performance here:

Holy crap! I guess that’s a pretty strong clue to the above question.

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