Action Park was the most dangerous amusement park in the world

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A college friend worked there, and attested to its dodginess.

I remember the ads on NYC area television, but never went.


My mom took me to Action Park every summer for six or seven years and I got to choose a friend or two to come along. The infamous looped slide was never open and there were rumors that some kid died on it. I broke my nose on the Colorado Rapids tube ride one summer when the tube folded in two like a taco and I met my friend’s head with my nose. They expertly fished us out of the bloody water with a hook and loaded me on a golf cart to an ambulance just waiting for me. We went to the urgent care center and waited for an hour or so to be seen since there were more serious cases from the park to be tended to. The “doctor” gently grabbed my nose and said that he was going to try something - quickly snapped it in the direction opposite from which it broke and then said “Well, that didn’t work, you’re going to need surgery.” as I sat tearing and seeing stars. Action Park sent me a letter three or four years later basically saying to not bother suing them because they were bankrupt or something. I went back once when they got bought out and changed to Mountain Creek - it wasn’t nearly as fun, and that was the last time I was there. The hella tall flume slides that gave you an enema were, to this day, the scariest ride I’ve ever been on - there was never a line or even a single person in front of me as I climbed up the five or six stories to plunge to my doom :stuck_out_tongue:




Any place that gets J Knoxville wide eyed about the risk involved you know it’s dangerous.

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