It's back: looping water slide returns to New Jersey


Back in the day, Action Park’s nickname was “Traction Park”. It’s probably not fair to characterize safety concerns as “caution trolling”.


Enclosed loop? Sheesh. All the fun of it is seeing how close you can ride to disaster.

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Man I miss the alpine slide. I was never old enough to ride the awesome go-karts either…

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beat me to it. i was under the impression these guys were closed. for the second time, even. they had a reboot when i was in middle school and thats the one i remember closing, lol. maybe the slide is safe & fun but at action park, i’ll pass.

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Quoth Wikipedia:

At least six people are known to have died as a result of mishaps on rides at the original park.



If the employee accounts of riding the thing are to be believed, then it’s more a case of “preventing more certain deaths” than “caution trolling”:


Sky Turtle solved the friction problem by eliminating the human variable. Riders are enclosed inside an aluminum alloy-framed capsule that maintains constant contact with the flume via replaceable foam runners.

So then what’s the difference between this and a roller coaster?



Disappointed. I was hoping for one of these:


Sounds like there is more than one way of “eliminating the human variable”.

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Pretty sure you can solve the friction problem with enough water pressure…

No, there was a Nova about Petra, and too much water pressure actually reduces the flow rate, and also increases the leakage rate, and besides, it could drown the human variable.

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Was there with a bunch of kids June 2012, they seemed to take safety seriously, there were a LOT of workers, especially at the rides for littler kids. Just about every worker had what looked like a CPR kit. The place also has downhill mountain bike trails that are not for the faint of heart.

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May or may not be safe as is, but I can’t help thinking that with a little modification you could make it even more entertainingly deadly. I’m thinking something along the lines of the euthanasia coaster.

Or maybe enhanced Venturi effect to squeeze people through an increasingly reduced diameter tube at faster and faster speeds, squirting out high speed spaghetti-shaped remains at the bottom. Call it the Amigara Aquifer.

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I was only 9 when it closed the first time, but my dad and sisters were big fans of Action Park and yes, it really was as dangerous as everyone says.

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Drown? Does that matter? My plan was just to shoot them out the end with as much velocity as possible anyway…

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