WATCH: Slide for 1/3 of a mile on world's longest waterslide


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Evidently it seems to be frightening to some of the users


If you’ve never heard “The Dollop”, a hilarious American history podcast, their episode on Action Park is a great place to start. Violence, drunkenness, danger and a pathological and commercial disregard for human life is typical of their oeuvre and good for a laugh too.


The water is brown WHY IS THE WATER BROWN


See comment #1 by @hardleyjw


oh, whoops!


Is this the same Action Park that was closed repeatedly after killing or maiming visitors?


This might be the owners kid:


Anagram fun: “Jersey water slide” =
Yes, is lewd rear jet
Re: Wet ass jelly ride


This is how to make a POV movie. Keep showing what the person would see, and not cutting away to a distant shot of yoyos with their arms in the air. Full marks. What a ride!


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