Actresses Lori Loughlin & Felicity Huffman along with at least 38 others caught up in elite college entrance exam cheating scheme






What is the world coming to?
You don’t cheat your way into an elite college.
You buy your way into an elite college.


Students generally get A, B, C, D, or even F grades yet all of these folks are taking an L.


Because it’s not enough just to have the deck already rigged in your favor by “virtue” of being rich; you must also constantly lie, cheat and steal to fully ensure your continued dominance as the “masters of the universe.”


Not surprised this happened, but kinda surprised those 3 are involved seeing how they have a pretty clean cut reputation.

But then again this sort of thing happens so much, it’s not much of a secret in Hollywood. So much so, they openly joke about it in movies (at 2:29).

Also, watch Trump start making a bunch of comments about this over the next few days even though he went out of the way to cover up his own grades according to Cohen.


This is small potatoes. I used to know someone who goosed, massaged, and basically ghost-wrote college applications for Chinese students whose parents were willing to pay to get them into elite American universities. Test-taking fraud is rife in overseas testing centers as well. The network operated by the main defendant in this indictment is only one among many, and only notable for being (a) entirely in the US and therefore prosecutable by US authorities, and (b) celebrity gossip.


Maybe the authorities would like to hear your story as well. ha. After all it sounds like that’s how this began. someone caught up in a separate charge tipping off the authorities to the scheme.


Haha, do you think Chinese authorities want to start prosecuting that? Or that US authorities want to start prosecuting Chinese millionaires? Or that elite US universities want to start cracking down on wealthy overseas students?


“fuck it, let’s crime” is as good a slogan for rich people as any I’ve heard.






One of the least shocking headlines from this controversy


Yet more evidence that white people should not rap… except for El-P.