Ad for Anti-Communist submarine toy


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Sure thing. :confused:


Clearly, that child is a giant.


I want this! I want this so much!


Looks better than I expected.


These things are so much cuter when they’re real.


Reminds me a bit of the actual NS Savannah, a Cold War era nuclear merchant ship which included some spiffy passenger space.


That’s beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I got quite ■■■■■ around the eyes looking at those photos. It must have been some residual, radioactive dust getting in my eye.


That was quie a ship.


The photo with the kid: Am I nuts, or are those gills just aft of the bogus torpedo tubes?


We put TYTON on display at our film festival (True/False) in 2015 – wonderful stuff! I thought I had more photos but could only find these:


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