Surprise! It's a submarine!


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Best movie submarine ascent ever (massive conning tower busting vertically through the ice), although I think that the lead, Rock Hudson, was at the time trying to send a message.


It’s all fun and games until someone loses their children…


I remember hearing about that in the news - quite tragic.


Best TV show submarine ascent:


That’d be way cooler if the nat sound was still used, rather than the power-synth music.


And that’s why I can’t wait for the next Fast & Furious movie.


Only if the Flying Sub had rocketed out during the ascent!



“Nobody expects the USS Nautilus! Our weapon is surprise! Surprise and stealth. Our two weapons are surprise, stealth, and nuclear missiles. Our three weapons are surprise, stealth, and nuclear missiles!”


Is that a submarine surfacing through your ice cap, or are you just happy to see me :smiling_imp:


I will add that pretty-decent (IMHO) cyberpunk flick Babylon AD starring everyone’s favorite sci-fi geek actor Vin Diesel also has a rocking sub ascent. Ice may be involved.


Not impressed. I had these in my bathtub years ago.

Still do.







In Hunt for Red October, when the submarine of said name does an emergency surface, they actually used the USS Blueback, which is now docked here in Portland at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. Very cool, and they do tours and even overnights there.

The funny thing, of course, is that Red October is supposed to be a boomer (nuclear missile sub), and therefore huge, but the Blueback is an old diesel-powered attack sub which would be tiny in comparison. But hey, it’s not the size, but the emergency ascent you do with it that matters, right?


All kinds of things pop up at the submarine races.


“Fly, Big D, fly!!”


It wasn’t Red October that did the emergency blow but the USS Dallas



Do you fill them with baking soda?

Best cereal prize toy ever.