Jason's Guide to Movies for the Various Events in Life

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Awesome movie. I approve of your choices.

While making my way through the submarine at the Intrepid museum in NYC I took the opportunity to yell (softly) “alarrrmmm!” and then did that running swing through the hatch you see in the clip. Extremely satisfying.


Showing off new widescreen TV: Big Trouble in Little China (trailer)

Breaking in new sound system: Big Trouble in Little China (the Three Storms)

Correct party wins election: Big Trouble in Little China (call the president)

Lost a chess match: The Thing

Drinking liquor with friends: Big Trouble in Little China


I’ve seen Das Boot twice. There is no way I could watch it again, way too much tension and anxiety. Properly functioning submarines already scare me you add depth charges in to the mix and I’m right out.


May the wings of liberty never lose a feather.


I don’t know what prompted this, and I have never seen Das Boot, but I think this is pretty funny.


The USS Pampanito has a dramatic audio tour, with headphones. There’s a bit where you, the visitor, are being “depth-charged.” The boat/museum is still free floating, and it was just at that moment when we got hit by the wake of some large passing ship. I thought Das Boot was scary and upsetting, but that wake synced with those sound effects almost made me shit myself.* I don’t know how any sailor survived that with his sanity even remotely intact.

* Good thing I didn’t, as the subs from that era are… not roomy.


(with apologies for crappy video, but most versions on YouTube are blocked in U.S.)

High school attendance in the American midwest: Blade Runner Roy’s last scene

Moving to another dwelling, town, country or planet: Dune folding space

PhD thesis defense: Dune gom jabbar test

Megadrought: Dune (director’s cut/longest cut of the film you can find still directed by David Lynch)

No rain in a month: Dune (TV miniseries)

One’s child taking the test for a driver’s license: Dune

Interview for new job, final phase conducted by tightly-wound HR: Blade Runner and also here Voight-Kampff tests

Rollout of new web site, just out of beta: Apocalypse Now "If I say it’s safe, then… " surf scene


‘Das Boot’ gute Wahl! Great movie and cast.

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JLW’s list is deep.

Housecleaning your social media friend lists: They Live


Desire to watch a film: Nope, I’ve watched all the good ones to death.

Desire to be mildly entertained: Impossible, nothing good exists any more.

Boil the kettle: No tea bags.

Look outside: Cloudy and dark.

Go to bed: Insomnia.

Hmm, haven’t seen that in a while, guess this process works.

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I can’t see Days of Thunder anywhere on this list. It is clearly incorrect.

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Before reading the Boing Boing BBS: Face/Off


Das Boot


I was watching The Perfect Storm with some friends during a typhoon. We’d set up a TV in a cabin of the ship and were sitting on the floor. Just as the big wave approaches in the movie, a wave hit us and the TV almost fell on our heads.


Testing your new Dubly Surround Sound System: Days of Thunder (because you only have Apollo 13 on VHS, and Ross had a Days of Thunder Blu-Ray).

Top Gun for my father on this. Strangely, I use the Aquarius/Sunshine song from Hair.


Blade Runner opening for both. Always.

Agree otherwise.


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