Watch 'Jaws' with your feet dangling in the water

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. . . and now imagine a bunch of punk kids (or a suitably immature adult. . . like me) sneaking up underwater and grabbing your feet right at the most scary parts of the film.

Good times, yessir.


I would go to this, it’s not far from me. But just remember, most of these people will be peeing in the water.



It would make more sense in New England as the fictional setting of Amity Island is really just a renamed Martha’s Vineyard (and was partially filmed there).

Into a lake with a volume of 1.1 million acre-feet*, I’m thinking this is a rounding error.

  • 1.35 million megaliters for our metric friends.
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This really is brilliance.

I’m guessing the glowsticks are mandatory, to signify ticketholders and to mitigate people drowning?

Actually, I believe that is definitely a part of the package deal. They are quite inventive there.

Ah, but the Alamo has been known to do just that. Along with showing Close Encounters at Devil’s Tower. And The Descent deep in a cave. They love their mobile screens.

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A lot of non-human animals have been eliminating there, too.

I wonder how many people go armed with spearguns for just this eventuality.

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