Watch gentleman's fright after he taps on shark screen that had warning signs


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That’s the second video I’ve seen of someone falling on their ass because of that thing. I would be nervous if I was that museum.


It’s a great museum. The mix of real life spy stuff and the James Bond exhibit make it worthwhile.


He shat his pants.


You’ve reminded me of the bit in that William Shatner roast where some guy’s like “I don’t know much about William Shatner, but I know Betty White just shatner pants”, which I liked


It’s a nice trick!


It would be funny if they incorporated a floating/sinking Hans Blix ala Team America. :smile:


Do people not notice the lack of parallax when they’re walking up to the glass, or is there a sensor to identify one viewer and simulate parallax motion?


that would DEFINITELY make me do that exact same thing.


There is a scene in the movie Lucy where someone is being gunshot through a glass door. But they didn’t bother with sugar glass, or even a jump cut to the broken glass effect, and it stands out as a stupid continuety goof in an otherwise unremarkable action film.


So they get “shot” and it’s obvious that the glass remains intact? That’s hilarious!


This so much needs to be in my local aquarium! Happy Halloween kiddos!


I expect they know it’s a screen but knowing isn’t always going to help you when you’re that close and something that big is “coming” at you.


People jump back watching scare videos on youtube. Its a primal reaction. I don’t think he thought it was a real tank, just didn’t expect the jump scare.


I was horrified long before the jump scare. TURN YOUR PHONE



Some people are still wondering about this Stromberg future…


Also reminiscent of the giant aquarium window in Dr. NOPE


It looks to me like the designers tried to minimize the parallax. You only see the shark swim by close to the window and then it comes at you very quickly. The rest of what you see is just indistinct murkiness.


Is Director of NOAA an appointed position?