Watch gentleman's fright after he taps on shark screen that had warning signs

To repeat an old post:

There’s a cool little exhibit at the Australian War Memorial, in the Boer War section.

It’s an image of a rocky hillside. The sign beside it explains that the Boers were one of the first to employ modern-style snipers, and asks “can you spot the snipers in this picture?”.

They’re very hard to spot, so people tend to lean in close to the picture to examine it. And they’ve got it rigged with a motion detector that sets off a loud gunshot sound if you lean too close. :slight_smile:

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I’m sure it went down something like this:

Day of the shoot, there’s a practical effect that just doesn’t work, or isn’t ready, or there was a misunderstanding. Director says, “Fuck it! We’ll fix it in post”. But the effect is never budgeted for, and by the time they’re done in the editing room, it’s easier to hope no one will notice, then it is to get approval for more shooting time. Movie comes out and it’s just geeks like me who care.

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