Watch this very funny glass door prank


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I was really expecting him to immediately bonk into a pane of glass set right after the fake door.


On the other side of the spectrum:




For that reason I have placed “window safety stickers” (a normal sticker I wouldn’t normally display publicly) at snout height and at (human) eye level, so my St. Bernard would know if it was opened or closed.


How did they get that hanging stuff to stay so still?


Yeah, that’s what amazed me. I’m guessing very still air and relatively heavy suspended objects (that haven’t been touched in a while).


Watching it the second time, I see a slight motion of the handles in the beginning. But I didn’t notice it at all the first time because I wasn’t looking for it, so I can easily believe the guy overlooked it as well. He hesitates very briefly - perhaps his subconscious senses something is off - before grabbing it.




You know what would have been great is to have the real pane of glass 3-5 feet beyond. Bonk!


Besides the glass door gag for the person in the video, every time I see it I mistake the door handles for some kind of railings on the steps and it confuses me when he seems to walk “through” them and then the camera moves.


I was relieved to see what kind of prank this was. When glass door pranks go wrong, they can go horrifically wrong (I leave the googling to you).


I like harmless pranks too!!!


Thanks, but hard pass.


I’m not usually a fan of prank videos as they rely on people being embarrassed or looking foolish. This is just funny and I expect anyone who fell for it would just laugh at the clever setup.


there are a lot problems with the door…
how does a star trek captain tell the difference
between the wall and the door…

there are lessons here to be learned

just saying… :slight_smile:


I thought that was hilarious, but I did start to worry about the cardiac health of some of the victims.


if it’s got a handle it’s a door handle


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