Dog waits for imaginary door to open




I suspect that dog may have smashed full-tilt into glass doors a few times in its younger days.


I have the opposite problem: a false belief that the doors in front of me are open.


The dog should be called Les Nessman!


All I can think is how flipping long is it going to take YouTube to realise that not all video is landscape?


That would be giving in to the portrait video terrorists. AND THEY MUST NOT WIN.

This video isn’t quite as funny as when my dog runs into the screen door when we occasionally have it closed behind the glass sliding door. We have to hold him back when opening the glass door lest he bash into it face first. It’s all about what they normally expect to be there.


Pretty sure they already know.


For some reason this reminds me of the time I saw a stray who would run up to doors and bark, asking to be fed, along a street of small cafes. And it had been trained to do this by most of the café owners who would bring it a small plate of something.

One place had two doors and the poor dog had trouble moving on. He couldn’t understand why no one would feed him at the second door.


Perhaps someone is visually commanding the dog to wait until the dude opens the imaginary door.


That’s possible, but the dog’s body language would indicate otherwise. He looks excited and anxious, not focused on a “Stay!” hand command.




An American dog would never be fooled by that fake door.


When I was in a pub in the Czech R. a dog - came in twice over a period of 2-3 hours and got a small bowl of beer. He was a regular.


I suspect that this one is Canadian:


WTF is this aspect?


It’s from 2011, before YouTube added in auto-rotation of portrait videos.


It’s just as funny to the outside observer with a real door and imaginary dog.


But it also has that odd angled-down-with-a-half-twist view…


Well, I think that’s more the “looking down at your dog” angle. It’s a bit crooked at first, but if you turn your head to look at it it’s not odd. It just gets a bit exaggerated when you’re already looking at it rotated 90 degrees.


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