Adam Ant on Jimmy Fallon



Actually, he returned to American shores last fall, but who’s counting.

Amazing show. It doesn’t hurt that I had been waiting to see AA live since I was 10 years old. He played tons of early singles and Dirk-era tracks, the band was tight, and it was definitely more punk than pop pirate.

He and Johnny Depp from Pirates of the Caribbean were separated at birth.

I read in the comments section of the linked article people defending his look as, in essence, he was dressing like this before Johnny Depp… while this is true, the Depp-like facial hair seems to be much more recent…

He also borrowed Dave Vanian’s look for Sweeney Todd.

You gotta love ex-art school musicians though. The very definition of showmanship.

Nice to see that he, Gary Numan, Brian Eno, and others are aging well.

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Anyone below a certain age is going to say “Why is he dressed like Johnny Depp?”… those of us that are old enough will remember that Adam Ant’s thing was dressing like a sexy pirate. But yeah, it is weird how much he looks like Depp, I admit it…haha

It’s the beard and specs.

Anyway, I’d send a link to the GF, but I refuse on principle to share this thanks to the arsehole NBC Flash player not only failing to provide a mute button but disabling my volume control while the ad played.

Like, fuck off with that shit.

Same with the subtitles for ads when I mute the television. I hate that, too.

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