Adam Sandler movie plot generator


Unrealistic. Most of the movie scenarios generated are superior to the actual movies he’s made.


I told my daughter that if I never teach her anything else, that she should remember to never go to a movie where the trailer has someone getting hit in the nuts. Because if that’s supposedly a big laugh, the rest of the movie will be all downhill. So when we finally saw an Adam Sandler trailer without a nutshot, we still didn’t go see it.


Instantly thought of “From the creators of DER…”


There’s no need for this. Adam Sandler’s going to generate four new movies on his own.

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Sandler seems like a fun enough guy for hanging around, but I have never understood how he got beyond filthy tapes sold along side the Jerkey boys though.
I suppose he has superior networking skills to keep getting the movie deals starring people like Mo-Cachino.(shiver)

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I really should watch Punch Drunk Love. I’ve seen all the other PTA films. But I just can’t bring myself to.


The absolute best Adam Sandler plot generator? The writers of SpongeBob SquarePants. I think you could swap the plots of any SpongeBob episode and any Sandler movie and end up with a superior product on both ends.


It was very good. Really. But I’ve never seen a single other Sandler movie, and don’t plan to.

Spanglish was pretty good, but then again, not the typical Sandler film.

Well there was “Fifty First Dates,” but that was pretty much a ripoff of “Groundhog Day.” I used to be able to name three of his movies that were watered down copies of Bill Murray projects, but it’s not worth me trying to remember.,

Punch Drunk Love is pretty good. PDL was directed by Paul Thomas Anderson (There Will Be Blood, Magnolia, Boogie Nights).

Yes, that’s why I mentioned it. Also Hard Eight and The Master.

Don’t, Its still man child Adam Sandler through a quirky lens. I like my men-child honest enough about it that I can at least suspend disbelief.

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I liked hist first few movies up to the water boy, he didn’t really offer anything new until The wedding singer (Which is a good movie), but at least in the first movies, there was never any pretense that it was anything other than goofy, stupid, senseless fun.

OTOH, Emily Watson. I :heart: Emily Watson.

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Sandler would never wear a Kings sweater. Your argument is invalid.

You should go and watch the Half In The Bag review of Jack & Jill and never again have any respect for Adam Sandler whatsoever.

The “movies” he makes are basically scams, arguably. How can you possibly justify the outrageous budgets his projects have?


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