“Pixels” movie a sexist pile of crap

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Oh my god, a woman HAS SEX? WITH A MAN?

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With Adam Sandler or a friend of Adam Sandler. Implausibility scale; 110%


I suspect that the problem is not so much this, but rather it sounds like a token woman. Token women do not merely happen to have sex with a man - they exist to have sex with a man. Because they are a tool for cynical studios to sell tickets to dudebros, while perpetuating the pop culture status-quo of women’s worth being based upon their “fuckability”.

This problem aside, it IMO looks like truly awful movie. I suspected as much with it’s content-free, nostalgia-heavy early internet ad campaign. A dumb concept looking for a story.


The point is not that they have sex with a man, but that is pretty much ALL THEY DO… women are not characters in this film, apparently, but mere props. Honestly, why is it such a terrible thing to have women in films be more than props or sex toys for men?


I’m sad that Peter Dinklage is in this movie…


well, here i was just thinking it would be a regular pile of crap.


Hey, men spend a lot of time pretending to take women seriously in the real world. Are you telling me we have to start pretending to take them seriously in movies too?



It’s not a sexist pile of crap because “a woman has sex with a man.” It’s a sexist pile of crap because ALL the women in the movie are one-dimensional sex objects. FTA:

Only Lainie Kazan, in a tiny role as the Gad character’s grandmother, is a woman in the film for any reason other than to make eyes at one of the men.


Mostly the movie studio wasted it’s money on actors when a couple of Realdolls would have done the trick.


My thought whenever this happens with an actor I like is, “S/he couldn’t have possibly seen it first.”

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Reading and comprehension level: Toddler.


Oh, yeah… sorry. My bad there. What I was thinking, that I was a human being of some kind… clearly not. I should think about the mens and their feelings, except of course they’re men, so they don’t have feelings. /s


Haven’t seen Knights of Badassdom, eh?


I hope this is the start of a swift and savage kick to the metaphorical junk for Sandler. As much as Billy Madison quotes still fill my brain-space, every movie of his has gotten worse and worse and more and more horrible (and it’s not like Billy Madison was exactly a high point of cinema…). It is beyond time for him to stop being a man to whom we give our limited entertainment time and money.


Well, to be fair to Tyrion there… the premise sounds like it could be cool (see the Futurama episode this was basically ripped from). Likely he got the treatment, was like - “sounds fun, I’m in”… signed the contract, showed up…And given the way movies are made (I don’t think most of them are filmed in order, etc), it’s doubtful he knew how bad it would be. Or by the time they got to filming, it was too late to back out?

We always have The Station Agent and Game of Thrones, though. He’s awesome in both of those.


Feelings are confusing and happen at the most inconvenient times.

This was originally supposed to be a continuation of the sexist dudebro character I made up for my previous comment and to be followed by a sarc tag, but then I realized this is actually the truth about feelings.


Like us they have bills to pay and sometimes have to take crappy jobs.


Oh, yes, I’ve seen it. That’s a great film too, actually. I liked it better than the other LARPing film, Unicorn city.

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