Native Americans walk off set of latest Adam Sandler film



I heard that netflix released a statement to the effect of “rich white people have told us it was funny, and not at all racist”


Wait, wait, this is just a misunderstanding. They didn’t realize Adam Sandler is Jewish, and thus can’t possibly be racist towards another minority.


I read the statement it was really brief and basically hid behind the idea that it was a parody of old westerns so any dipictions of Native Americans were totally satire of the bad portrayals of Native Americans in those movies. Also its a rediculous movie, because rediculous is in the name!

It seemed to be missing the point while hiding behind the “its just jokes, bro!” excuse. What these actors seem to be saying is that they failed at satirizing anything and just ended up making some shitty jokes at the expense of minorities and women.


And they have to pass it of as a “parody” rather than attempting to say “Hey, we wrote some actual jokes and situations that advance the plot.” Nope “parody” means they sat around and got high watching old movies and said “Hey let’s refilm that and claim it’s a parody.”


An Open Letter to the Native Actors Who Walked Off Adam Sandler’s Set By Apache Writer


“Misled into thinking an Adam Sandler movie would not be offensive”

Think about that one for a minute.


Right and if they just said “listen we’re trying to make fun of this but we sort of fucked up and its not working” those actors and their cultural advisor would have stuck around to help them fix it and there wouldn’t be a scandal.


I’m waiting for the satirical version of The Birth of a Nation.

(NOTE: not the satirical version)


You are really not thinking about this the right way.

F-Troop has it all. We’ll pitch it as a 3D, Animated 4k reboot with a MMORPG/e-learning experience about this important chapter in American history.


#Crowd-fund it and I’m in!

should that not be hyphenated?

@funruly is Agarn.

I always pictured him as more of a Ghost Buster.

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Really? I’ve always seen him as more of a Tennessee Steinmetz (sp?) (<–HELL YES, I GOT IT RIGHT.)

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Wow… Where did they find people who would fall for the ‘This Adam Sandler film will be totally tasteful and handle delicate issues with respect.’ line?

I thought that even the sporadically contacted Amazon basin groups knew that anything Sandler touches turns to sophomoric schlock…


Allison Young, Navajo, a former film student from Dartmouth, was also offended by the stereotypes portrayed and the outright disrespect paid to her and others by the director and producers.

“When I began doing this film, I had an uneasy feeling inside of me and I felt so conflicted,” she said. "I talked to a former instructor at Dartmouth and he told me to take this as finally experiencing stereotyping first hand. We talked to the producers about our concerns. They just told us, ‘If you guys are so sensitive, you should leave.’ I was just standing there and got emotional and teary-eyed. I didn’t want to cry but the feeling just came over me. This is supposed to be a comedy that makes you laugh. A film like this should not make someone feel this way.”


Uh, have you seen Eight Crazy Nights? Adam Sandler can’t even get his own culture right, so I wouldn’t hold out hope for anyone else’s.



I don’t remember Punch Drunk Love being particularly offensive. Maybe that’s why he reverted back to “Sandler Classic” after that one.

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Isn’t that any Adam Sandler movie?