Adam Savage brings the mayhem with a 1,000-shot Nerf gun mod


Its not called rip off brittan for nothing, 20% of that is tax, its been know for years that profits in the uk are higher than other places when it comes to cosumer goods.

But thats why so many shops are shutting as we all moved on line to end the rip off, but twice the price is just taking the piss.

I used to use to shop in the states, but then it only cost $10 for air mail to reship stuff, now they only do ups, starting at $40 so any savings are just wipped out…


Hmm… I will have to look into that and see if it works with my model.


Having been hit by my share of slap shots over the years, mostly from point-blank range, (often finding those little holes between the various pads and guards you wear for ice hockey), high on my list of nightmare fuel would be a t-shirt cannon modded to shoot pucks. 'Cause you know the person firing would aim for your torso. Where there are no pads at all. Unless you’re the goalie.


Yup, anyone who’s so much as picked up a hockey puck knows how devastating that would be.

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