Adam Savage builds a 1:10 scale shipping container

I kept wondering, as I watched it, why he was saying that he was going to screw the box together for durability, because the staples were just to keep it together until the glue dried, and then he never screwed the box together. Or do you think he just skipped filming that step? Because I didn’t see any indication of screws when he was talking about the black paint hiding a multitude of sins.

What scale you thinking?

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The other weird thing this video makes me think of, is that shipping containers may not be as cool as we want them to be. Not since I learned that a full 4% of total carbon emissions can be directly blamed on cargo ships.

(The number goes up, obviously, if you include the trucking and rail industry’s part of the journey of these containers)

As symbols of gross overconsumption, shipping containers do a pretty good job. But we’ve still got a long way before the full price of this lifestyle becomes due.

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Perfect for a Land of Giants reboot.


Very fun and simple project. Reminds me I still want to design my own Skytrain wraps to go over the toy wooden train sets I picked up last Christmas…

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Pretty cool but kind of large for my purposes, and way out of my budget. I was thinking about 1/3 to 1/2 that size, and hoping to spend under $30 each. Also, I was hoping for more “authentic” labels, and the locking mechanism (even if it’s just a facsimile).


About shoebox size would be nice. I saw these, and they’re certainly cheap enough, but they’re not made of metal like I’m looking for. I’d actually consider getting one or two of these, but it looks like they’re all sold out :frowning:

I also want one of these dumpsters but, again, sold out!

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I’ve spent too much of my life devanning these things to share Adam’s fondness for them!
Some interesting facts learned along the way tho:

  • Customs only check about 5% of containers coming into Australian ports.
  • Health and safety implementations for devanning dangerous goods is sometimes better in so-called “developing” countries than so-called “developed”.
  • When a container-lift or forklift mast makes contact with a live power-line safety guidelines recommend you jump out the cab and and continue jumping with both feet together like a kangaroo for little while to ensure safe grounding. (It wasn’t me.)

I had the opposite reaction. A small shipping container is a fun thing, but I was wondering why Adam Savage would actually waste so much of his time in making a hugely realistic model. This is a much neater solution, and it makes me happy.

What’s juice for the goose is not juice for the moose, I guess.


I thought at the start of the year that Adam was going to do a full year of experiments with the spot robot dog, but he produced two videos and that was it. The idea had a lot of potential and I am sorry it never went anywhere.

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I think he skipped it too.

Honestly, once you get over the novelty there’s probably not that much you can do with Spot. The rickshaw was pretty cool but that’s the thing: Adam’s thing is building stuff and what else can you really build for a robot dog? Though as an avid cosplayer I suppose he could have transformed him into different animal characters?

Those videos require close contact that isn’t allowed.

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