Adam Savage made a limited-edition "everyday carry" toolbag out of old sailcloth, with room for everything


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White? For a toolbag?


A dozen pics and only one that (barely) shows the inside? What makes this bag special, except for the name and the color? It’s just a plain, empty canvas bag. For $225.


I call shenanigans. Men can’t sew.


Pass. I bought this on Woot years ago for just under $50 to store my drawing/art supplies. It’s a heavy duty canvas bag meant for work tools and it is really damn great. It’s unavailable on Amazon but you could probably use that as a jumping point to find it elsewhere.

Edit: With some searching i can find that exact same model bag for about 100 bucks online. There are other types for cheaper but my main draw to that bag was how simple it looked.


Quick search elsewhere shows alternatives for cheap but not being able to see them in person i’m not willing to pass judgement on how good they are.

But either way, there are highly functional canvas bags already on the market, and while i don’t find fault with Savage for his particular bag i think his base is not going to be happy about it. He likely intends this for well off professionals, but novice makers, his real target audience, will be SOL on this and that strikes me as tone deaf from him. Same how he was recently pimping out a $100 “maker box” with various mystery projects in it, i looked at previous maker boxes branded under other scientists and prominent people and they contained a lot of useless junk that wasn’t worth the price.


Sounds like Mr Savage came across a good deal on a previously enjoyed sail loft. White is ok but unless you are working in a NASA grade A clean room, bags made of old truck tarps are waaay cooler:


$225? It looks like a pretty cool bag, but that’s a lot. I can get a good Tom Bihn that’s just as good for less.


According to Adam, sewing is just cold welding.

I’d be surprised if he doesn’t do a “how to make your own” video for this.


Possibly, he’s put up blueprints/plans for past projects of his that other people might be interested in replicating or improving upon. If he doesn’t it might be possible someone else might take up the time to replicate it themselves and put up the plans but i would at least hope Adam would have the foresight to do so himself. We’ll see, i checked the Tested channel and haven’t seen anything just yet though they did tease “something” during their podcast and this bag makes sense as being that thing.


There’s company in Maine called Seabags, that takes old sails and turns them into a variety of bags (no toolbags, though). Pretty cool stuff, especially the ones that incorporate numbers or other markings from the sail.


i read that he deliberately chose white for a couple reasons: (1), hard to find things at the bottom of a dark/black bag, and he wanted to stay away from camo colors, and (2) it’s made from reused sail cloth, and will take on a “patina” of use after time, so each owner’s bag will look different. these things both make total sense to me. sadly, i can’t afford a $225 bag.


My own canvas tool bag i linked to above is also white and after some casual searching, seems like other similar canvas tool bags can also be found white. They do come in other colors but the white does strike me as interesting and i wonder if its done for contrast reasons as Adam posits for the one he’s behind. Maybe? But i think it’s was originally done because it’s cheaper to not dye the canvas, and the contrast thing is incidental.


yeah, i could see both being good reasons. i rather like the idea of each person’s bag getting filthy and stained in a unique way.


Retired Mythbuster and maker extraordinaire Adam Savage (previously) gave up on finding a bag to carry everything he needed

A luggage shortage? Do tell?

Any word on how long he looked?


…with room for everything

Well, I guess Steven Wright has his answer.

[Too obscure? “You can’t have everything… Where would you put it?”]


I… I’d put it everywhere, I guess…


That’s what things cost when someone is getting paid a first world wage. We’ve spent our lives in a very weird bubble only made possible by cheap shipping and massive global inequality. It really warps our sense of what things should be worth.


Just the thing to keep my rope supply in!


Looks like a Klein bag, only less sturdy. For another $25 you can get a Veto XXL-F. I’ve been happy with mine, although the pockets are not totally optimal for my tools. It holds nearly all my mechanics’ tools and a basic carpentry toolset, including a rafter square, titanium wrecking bar and a 2 foot level.